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Lonely momentous occasion warranting an orgasm, but lacking a secondary participant.
"I got the new job. Too bad I don't know anyone in this town so I opened a bottle of wine, turned on some porn, and had my own celebation".
by PantsofCorn May 10, 2011

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Masturbation at a public urinal.
I ran out of bills at the strip club, so I was down to icing the urinal cake in their bathroom.
by PantsofCorn January 16, 2011

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Recovery from a medical condition involving electronic gadgets.
"I'm stuck on the couch after surgery, but I'm e-couperating with my 3DS, Xbox 360, a laptop, and Netflix".
by PantsofCorn May 10, 2011

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Emojigraphic errors in text messages.
"I meant to send Terry an emoji beer and a baseball. I sent an emopo of an eggplant and a tornado, so now he thinks I'm inviting him over for a blowjob".
by PantsofCorn May 19, 2017

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