Coffin Buddies Forever: Implies that your friendship is one step above "Best Friends Forever." Meaning that you will either be buried in the same coffin or next to each other in coffins touching each other. By ring buried so closely together, it implies that you will be together for ever in the afterlife..... or if you don't believe in the afterlife, together forever in the ground, as your bodies decompose into the same organic matter.
OMG, I think our friendship just reached CBF status, because we are way more that just BFFs!!!!!
by CBFs:Mr. Wilson, Ms. Kongsley December 19, 2011
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"Can't be fucked." A 1337 term used often to describe something that isn't worth their time, or to disapprove of someones request.
1. China: medic!!1
Shock: cbf u noob

2. Trojan: get on TS fag
Tooth: cbf ts
by ShockWave March 17, 2005
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cbf is a word genrally used in most gaming servers or in life. normally referring to your self as lazy and fat and depicting yourself as a hobo
RaNdom: come join my server cunt or ill chop your balls off
YeghI: cbf


Tom: come to the bar where we can fuck hot naked women
Bob: cbf WTF?
by G[r]ey December 17, 2004
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My CBF: my Canadian BoyFriend. Term of affection & object of lust.
I live in the US but still fantasize about my cbf all the time.
by xxxpriv September 14, 2006
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"cbf tbh" = can't be fucked, to be honest. It's pretty much a nice way to say you're lazy. commonly used on myspace or bebo as an exuse for not redoing your profile, of commenting people back.
girl: why haven't you commented me back yet?

boy: cbf tbh.

by alexwearspradaa July 14, 2008
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Standing for Chum Butt-Fucks. This refers to friends who are a little TOO close for comfort. Generally used by those witnessing moments of over familiarity.
Upon witnessing someone giving their friend a kiss on the lips.
"They are SO CBFs"
by Lsdbaby January 12, 2006
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