Chicks before friends. This is mainly used for boyfriends who priorities their friends over their girlfriends. It's sort of like bros before hoes.
Luke: How come Matt's not coming tonight? Is it because of his new girlfriend?

Paul: Yeah.

Luke: WTF, cbf.
by zaennane April 25, 2006
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Chronic Bitch Face: A condition that causes a person's default face to be that of a bitch. People with this condition appear intimidating and angry most of the time.
1: That girl hates me. She always looks pissed off when I see her.
2: Nah, she just has CBF.
by enemyghost July 06, 2012
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abbr. - Stands for Chump Bitch Face. A derogatory term commonly used as a put down.
Don't you just hate that Joe? I can't stand when he comes around! He is such a CBF!
by ShiftyCapone February 04, 2010
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Can't Be Fucked Syndrome, also known as the lower case form cbfs. It is caused by lazy people who do nothing nearly all the time, then it can lead to where they can't be fucked anymore so they just do nothing hence CBFS the cure is committing to do something, but if somebody has an extensive case of it, good luck to you; and it is very contagious
(teacher): why haven't you done your homework?
(kid): Because i have CBFS.

(boss): oi peter why haven't you come into work today?
(peter): because i have CBFS that's why
by mastrix8 June 16, 2011
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Co-ordinated Bean Flick - an organised session of bean flicking among females, whether friends or otherwise. A 'conductor' is generally required to lead proceedings and maintain a steady rhythm.
Screw this tap dancing crap, let's go have a CBF girls!
by WGHCBF May 18, 2011
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Closet Bieber Fan. Someone who likes Justin Bieber's music but will not admit to it.
While riding in Dr. Park's car, I found one of his CD's was full of Justin Bieber. I think he's a CBF.
by A Trinh July 25, 2010
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CBF is a syndrome that is suffered by women all over ther world. This simple acronym stands for - Chronic Bitch Face. And is a total turn-off for men.
Friend: hey man I really like Deborah.

You: yeah, but she has CBF syndrome.

Friend: you're totes right man
by Fat_champ June 17, 2014
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