When a female has facial features that make her look like a bitch, when she might not be a bitch at all.
Tom: That chick looks like a BITCH

Randy: No she's actually really nice, she just has Chronic Bitch Face
by ChronicBitchFace May 23, 2011
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Female and/or male (probably named Corbin) that looks pissed off even if he's the happiest guy on the planet.
There's no way that Corbin will overcome his case of chronic bitch face.
by Jaw0413 October 2, 2014
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A female who constantly has a "angered" or "agitated" look upon his or primarily her face. Women with the name Lauren tend to have this look about her.
Males can also have this face, it is caused by severe agitation or sadness in-placed by another male or female figure. This may cause severe sadness in other members of is or her peer group. If the female figure has a "bitchy face" then male counterparts may be affected physically, mentally, or emotionally very severely. If the male has a "bitchy face", female counterparts may discontinue to be friends with the male figure.
If the female figure becomes agitated, she may have a "surprised" kind of laugh. If the male figure is irritated, he may continue to laugh and mock the target person in a repetitive notion. These people will display a Chronic Bitch Face which will be unappealing to all around them.
by Dr. Laurence Alden Radcliff November 1, 2013
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Where there’s nothing wrong with you but everybody thinks there is because you have a bitch face
Omg that girl is always looking at me wrong . I think she has chronic bitch face syndrome
by ItsWugga January 1, 2018
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