The act of female masturbation. Rubbing the clit for fun.
"Kirsty stop flicking the bean and get out of the bath. I need to take a piss!"
by a nice guy February 28, 2004
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the art of female pleasure. a hobby that can be done alone or with others. usually better done by oneself but men have been know to do it quite well
men usually play with the hole when they should be flicking bean
by claiire mikielewicz August 30, 2004
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"man i just came back from a great time of bean flicking"
"awesome i did it yesterday!"
by skylightttbby March 21, 2016
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the act of sla slipping the hand down and passing the time of day with a smile on her face
by jok May 13, 2005
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I, for one, would rather flick beans myself than watch others bean flick.
by jo jo the flying monkey March 22, 2004
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Bean flicking is when a female feels they need to relax and continually flicks their clit til they reach climax or get interrupted
My partner left me because i wasnt as good as her when she has been bean flicking...
by Merks1r July 17, 2017
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John: Yo Matt, you give that girl a bean flick last night?
Matt: Yea, I flicked er bean real good
by Gmoneyfresh September 28, 2012
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