Gayest religion ever, wait stop, no Kabbalah is.
...somewhere in Texas...
John: I'm catholic.
Dan: You won't fit in here.
by Cocobird October 02, 2005
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A person who just wants to serve God throughout their life without discrimination and being discouraged. We are not a religion of sexism, and we recognize Jesus as the head of our church. A catholic isn't someone who prays to Mary or saints, but a person who asks them to pray for them. The word catholic also means universal. A catholic tries to live a life of faith by God's grace and mercy and tries to help others do the same.
I am a Roman Catholic who loves Jesus.
by ChristmasChild33 March 20, 2016
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Catholic is supposed to refer to all the semi-autonomous churches of Christianity that recognize the Bishop of Rome (also known as the Pope) as its leader. However, Roman Catholics, being the most stuck-up and snotty of the bunch, have begun to take it as meaning only them. This really, really annoys all the Eastern Rite Catholics that get called Orthodox because they're not.
Joe: Gee, I wish Roman Catholics weren't so annoying.
Jim: Yeah, I wish they would realize that we're Catholic too.
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the only people entitled to call themselves catholics are protestants, because we believe in the universal priesthood of all believers.
the correct terms for roman catholics are either romanist or papist, because they are members of the roman church and worshippers of the papacy.
i protest the truth of holy scripture, and the true catholic, universal, spiritual church of all believers.
by soundprod August 29, 2006
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Roman Catholicism - The worst form of Christianity, ever. And I am a Cajun French from Louisiana, USA myself. And my family are Catholic. (most of them)

Catholics are even more of a problem to Western society than Jews. It's just a fact of life. They are like a shit that won't flush. They preach, gossip and stalk you and follow you around. And try to defame or slander your good name. I have only one Cajun French side of the family (my mom's paternal side) that wasn't Catholic - but he converted from Roman Catholicism to Baptist Protestantism. His name was Abel. (On the side; not all Jewish people are bad - likewise. There are a few Jews out there that are cool.)

Yeah, Protestants are a little more cooler. Especially Mormons. (very nice people Mormons are - and they have higher standards. Except the ones that engage in Polygamy; unfortunately). The only Protestants that are retarded just like Catholics are the fucking Pentecostals.

Plus they are the biggest fucking hypocrites ever; and have to have a book to guide them to tell them right or wrong. (does that sound ironic to you?) Why not do right and wrong, just based on your intuition? If Catholics have to have a book to tell them what's right and wrong; then they are the exact opposite and are actually hypocrites/sanctimonies, and are not the good people they claim to be. (yes, people; it is possible to be a good person and NOT be a Catholic...or even Christian. It's called sternness and nobility.)
Poland is a country that is based on Catholicism. That is why they are such big douches. Funny, cause I am actually right-wing just like they are; and am a Cajun French American. Don't talk to the Polish, talk to the Romanians and Serbs instead. By the way -- about the Polish. I think they are the biggest fucking douches and lowlives I ever met in my life - and hope to god they do not immigrate to the USA. (we already have too many people here.)

Romanians and Serbs are the cooler people in Europe. Not the Catholic nations. Fuck the Pope. Fuck hypocrites. Fuck Catholicism.
by Impossible but Im Possible Man October 27, 2017
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the addiction of kittens over a widened period of time
Yes I am a cat-holic, I have been addicted to cats for as long as I can remember.
by I _will_try_next_time April 11, 2017
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