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when the bowl of pot is finished and all thats left is ashes
man this bowl tastes like shit....i think its cashed out
by bigg shane August 10, 2009
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Passed out, or completely knocked out generally after a night of drinking, smoking, or intoxicating ones self with multiple drugs of any sort
" Oh shit man, crystal was so cocked she cashed out at like 11:00"

" Dude Ashley is cashed out, lets fuck with her"
by Sarah Vster April 16, 2006
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The act of gratuitous ingestion of the delectable nut known as the Cashew.
A surreal experience attained only through the Cashew nut.
Some who have had a "cashed out" experience say that it is equivalent to 5/3rds of an orgasm.
Person 1: *knees quivering*
Person 2: What's up with you?
Person 1: I'm cashed out brew!
by Hecklers June 19, 2011
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