When you procrastinate on homework long enough so you look at the time, and see that it is 11:00. A very upsetting moment.
Damn, it's 11:00, I still have to write my essay... but i'm so tired...
by 2009ends August 28, 2009
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1. Someone hiding behind the tree and taking photoS or information without their permission like paparazzi.

2. Journalists who chase popular person.
" Oh..Shit

There is 11:00 behind the tree. Look at that honey! "
by Mike HTUN March 22, 2007
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Really means bring her back no later than 10:30.
Overprotective Father: Let me remind you that it's MY daughter you're dating. You'd better have her back home by 11:00, or so help me, you WILL marry her!

Boyfriend: 10:30. Got it.
by spinaltapsoundguy November 5, 2009
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Teenagers with strict parents are mercilessly ridiculed for waking up past this time.
Dads use it as a scapegoat to make their kids feel as though they are irresponsible and inadequate adults, no matter the actual bedtime or workload that the child has to deal with.
Son: "Dad, can I go out to Applebees with my friends later?"
Dad: "Fuck no, not when you're getting up past 11:00 AM every weekend! I got up at SIX this morning to drive your brother to his tutor, you lazy ingrate!"
by tostetoes April 6, 2020
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