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term that refers to the amount of cash being received.
"I picked up the cash flow, then we played bones, and I'm yellin domino." - Icecube
by mr. money machine February 04, 2008
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The steady inflow of cash into a legally recognised entity such as a person ro a private or public limited business.
"Most businesses that fold within five years do so because of cashflow problems."

"I have some cashflow problems so I won't be able to go out drinking this weekend"
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 21, 2004
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(ACCOUNTING) the total amount of money paid to a company during the period covered by a statement. For example, during a quarterly statement of cash flow, "cash flow" means the firm received payments or realized capital gains of that much money.

During the same period, the firm may have billed out (accounts receivable) a certain amount for which it has not received payment, and received payment on account for bills it made before the quarter began.

This is not the same as operating cash flow, which is revenue minus operating expenses.
Over the course of a few months, the cash flow for a business is about the same as revenue, as payments will generally come in at about the same rate as the firm bills customers.

This NOT true for operating cash flow or net cash flow.
by Abu Yahya September 20, 2010
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