13 definitions by vashil

something I say when people be putting their complaints on top of my definitions in the vote section of Urban Dictionary.
littlebigboy222: *writes complaint on top of my definition* Lame inside joke, remove this spam.
Me: Dey be hatin.
by vashil April 5, 2020
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when you're mad that someone actually is going to get their definitions published instead of yourself.
Wolfman, Toughest Guy on Earth alternate account: Gosh, I feel suh suh suh suh saaalttyyyy.
by vashil April 6, 2020
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the act of pouring ink inside of one's nostrils.
Person: *takes a pen and breaks it over nostrils, ink falling into nostrils*
Jack: Dude, stop inkercorpitizizing. It's weird.
by vashil April 5, 2020
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You know those guys who have that huge Grub Hub box on their back and drive a bike one handed like they a cool version of a delivery man? Yeah, those people.
Jack: *sees a guy that is bald and has a box on his back and writing a bike cool style* Look! A verlindogoporg!
by vashil April 5, 2020
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a term to refer to someone who laughs at their own Urban Dictionary word and definition they made even though it's not funny.
Vashil makes words and definitions that he laughs at. But they're really just downright stupid. He is a cracklack.
by vashil April 3, 2020
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a pill so effective that when you take it, there is really no color. everything looks like water.
James: I just took "the discolored pill".

Dave: Cool, dude.
James: Your skin color is so clear. I thought you were white.
Dave: I am.
James: Okay, I'm trippin.
by vashil April 3, 2020
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you know those kind of Urban Dictionary editors who put a message on top of your definition you make and list a reason why your definition shouldn't be published? draftidiotwhothinksonlytheiropinionmatters is a word to refer to them.
draftidiotwhothinksonlytheiropinionmatters: DON'T PICK THIS URBAN DICTIONARY WORD AND DEFINITION! IT'S OFFENSIVE!
by vashil April 3, 2020
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