Performing a motorcycle jump or stunt and landing hard enough to compress the bike's suspension to the point of hitting the frame or 'case' on the ground.
That spode landed that jump too short and cased it.
by mreverting September 8, 2007
To examine or survey (a house, bank, etc.) in planning a crime (sometimes fol. by out)
They cased the joint and decided to pull the job on Sunday.
by Elendil August 1, 2007
To hang up the rear wheel of ones bicycle on the lip of a double.

Also "Rodged" (Roj'd).
I cased that landing like a goodun. I did, I really rodged it.
by WA May 9, 2005
To get absolutely drilled, snapped, smashed, whipped, woopanged, basically to get severely injured (can be whilst doing a dangerous activity or can be unintentional).
Parri just got cased!
Ry-daddy cased his leg after pummelling into some random.
That random just cased himself on a pole!
by Some Random November 20, 2007
To be quite intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.
I was so cased last night I couldn't drive home.
by Chris August 30, 2003
1. To slip, fall or generally injure yourself while either drunk or sober.

"Dude, I fuckin' cased on that ice."

"Johnny cased the table last night when he passed out!"
by cypress_venom May 24, 2006
yo, my boy jus got cased man. feds finally got'im.
by soapyillusion666 November 3, 2011