1.homoerectual pussy (in russian)
2.one who is scared of girls and only has sexual preference toward guys, such as dc
3.bitch (from indian dictionary)
Carrey has hard orgis every night with dc! They talk about robots and math.
by careyconroy May 21, 2009
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a very talented and well-known canadian comic actor (whose face-pulling abilities have often earnt him the label 'rubber-faced'...a surprisingly accurate description)
he has been recognized by just about everyone everywhere as both a fantabulous funny guy and impressively serious actor. go jim.
a selection of funny guy films:
~ The Mask
~ Liar Liar
~ The Grinch
~ Ace Ventura
~ Bruce Almighty
~ A Series of Unfortunate Events

a selection of serious actor films:
~ The Truman Show
~ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
~ Man On The Moon
by parlez January 21, 2005
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An amazingly talented and hilarious comedic actor who obviously comes from another planet, because no ordinary human being is capable of making the same faces and noises that this man can do (wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?)
How in the hell can Jim Carrey make those faces!? XD
by Metallicajunkie October 11, 2018
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Of Los Angeles band, TOOL , Danny Carrey is the most powerful and creative drummer in the world. He absolutely shits on his drumset, along with every other drummer who dares to come close,,,, Joey Jordison will give him a bang for his buck,,, but in reality Danny Carrey will still champeen.
Every fucking song. Off every fucking album. Danney Carrey.
by mutta April 15, 2008
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A crackhead actor. When you think he's making funny faces in his movies, he's really having muscle spasms
Jim Carrey fan: "Hey look, it's Jim Carrey. Hey Jim-"

Jim Carrey: Back off! This is MY crack!"
by Raw Doggy April 16, 2010
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perhaps 1 of the best actors in the history of actors and is prob 1 of the best current actors
jim carrey and jerry seinfeld are my idols
by pimp daddy dollars November 21, 2004
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