Shakured- over crowed, too packed
derived from Tupac Shakur
The nightclub is shakured therefore i cannot move
by DiggyPoos April 10, 2010
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An "Arabic" rooted word that means "Thankful to God".
I'm very shakur to the creator of this universe.
by dresta187 January 7, 2006
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Shakur is a kind, well minded young man, with one sexy ass face. Many people envy Shakur for his good looks and wide intelligence. He might come across as 'weird' or 'a nerd', but when you get to know him, Shakur is actually quite a funny and just genuinely nice guy. And of course dont forget HE IS PENG. Overall, Shakur is just a peng guy, and if you know a Shakur, GET ON HIM NOW.
'Shakur is one sexy boy ya know'
by Shabbie123Chelise456 October 19, 2018
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A super human ability of a person to get to where he needs to be on time regardless of a horrendous transportation situation
I can't just give up on coming to school today, I've got to Shakur this shit
by Meteore January 8, 2018
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i have a lil crush or whatever on a guy named shakur he a nice glass of wine let me tell you. like he stay making me smile and sheesh he has a fatty
wow shakur is soooo fine.
by uhfattypatty May 27, 2021
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A basketball player that is a below average three point shooter but has a good layup package.
by cloudpitt May 6, 2019
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