A place where companies outsource customer service or technical support, ostensibly because it's cheaper than having in-house support. They are notorious for hiring anyone who can lift a headset and operate a keyboard and firing people for completely lame reasons whenever it is no longer proffitable to keep them or they are elligable for a pay increase. A large portion of the furry community works in call centers.
"I've worked in four or five call centers over the last few years. Maybe some day I'll get a real job," Rob said, then hit his Ready button to take another call.
by Spirit Bear October 28, 2004
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Is an asian call center operative that cant speak good English due to there strong Asian accent
i was going to buy something today from the shopping channel but when i got through on the phone i had to put it down because i couldn't understand what he was saying to me good old call center apu
by Carlton banksz December 23, 2014
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to invoke a over bearing attitude from a mere normal conversation that causes uneasiness,hostility, and wanting of leave from the conversation itself
hey dude you don't have to get all call center serious when i don't know how to use this program man
by fattiemattie October 26, 2010
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The concept that women who work in call centers aren't that attractive but some who are in the 7-8 range look like 10-11s by comparison
M: Damn she's beautiful.
D: Yeah, but she's call center pretty
by TopM April 1, 2016
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A boyfriend or girlfriend with exceptional active listening skills , oozing empathy and encouraging people to speak up their minds.

A former call center agent.

Anyone who has survived a call center job.
Will fill in the "ideal partner" role quite comfortably.
- how come you are so talkative and know all the right words to say?
-do you like it?

-call center-baby! It's inhumane. Makes you see the black holes in people. So i get you...
by Eskarina Esk April 21, 2019
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The phenomena known to call center supervisors where agents have an inability to remember training, coaching, troubleshooting steps, or coaching from one day to the next.
Customers have been calling about that issue for weeks! We talked about this yesterday, and you were trained on it. You must be suffering from call center amnesia
by Setzerx4 July 16, 2012
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Call Center is a server on discord where you can use userphone (Yggdrasil), to talk to people and invite them to the server. There is 500 different call centers in the server where anyone can use userphone. One day it's going to be one of the biggest discord servers ever. You start off as a Worker, and you can be promoted by Managers and Regional Managers.
Have you heard of the Call Center Server?
Yeah I have! That server is great! I'm currently an Agent in it!
by crynge November 7, 2020
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