A goverment supported Telecoms monopoly in South Africa, which at best charges 105% above the average wage for a inferior ADSL connection, $17991/m for a 1mb leased line and $1012 for 30GB of download data. Great profit at the expence of the poorly educated, inferior quality, bad service and dismal performance are their main products, these are products they plan to begin exporting to the rest of Africa in the near future.

Someone should point out to George Bush that they are more dangerous than Iraqi WMD.
Rip-off: Telkom SA, redefines the words shaft, shafted, steal, rape, plunder and dumbasses.
by PostmanPat May 4, 2005
Telecommunications provider for South Africa, specializing in slack service, expensive call charges, inability to resolve problem and very surly personell. Approach with caution
Telkom just ruined another perfectly good day.
by Yourmother August 30, 2003
After the ANC, Telkom is South Africa's largest crime syndicate.

Their modus operandi is to force other companies into selling their products for them under duress, extort ungodly fees out of their customers, particularly on ADSL lines, with broadband prices 10 times or more than overseas, and up to 100 times more on leased lines.

They resort to thuggery and intimidation such as sending technicians to disconnect you for no reason, charging you for non-existent calls and unexplained tariffs and staffing their call centres with retarded unionised sociopaths.

Their main partners in crime are Eskom and Sasol.
It's a proven fact that if you fly 1st class to Hong Kong, stay in a 5 star hotel, buy a laptop, download 100GB onto it and fly back, it will be both QUICKER and CHEAPER than if you stayed in SA and downloaded it on a Telkom line.
by George McBob May 21, 2009
South Africa's "Telephone Company". More like a fucking ripoff monopoly, disallowing us to even get on the net during the day without paying our wallets away.
We want free local calls! We want another service provider!
by CyberDems July 7, 2003
Gross bureaucratic incompetence.
You can try cancelling your account, but it's a total Telkom.
by nXtrmS November 19, 2018
1)The only telephone company in South Africa, its an inefficient
para-statal, complete rip-off, and as a company doesn't
actually care.

2)Also used in IT as a synonym for a cock up or an
unserviceable task.
1)Why have you not checked your email in 3 months?
I applied two months ago, getting leet 512Kbps ADSL
the mainstay of broadband speed! (from Telkom naturally,
as there is no competition).

2)I've got to de-telkom someone elses source code!

They just telkommed our network in it's moer with that

by Mush June 18, 2006