-Got the needed qualifications and experience to be employed ( efficient in your work)
-Employers scramble to employ you because of your conscience.
To remain employable, individuals must learn new skills regularly.
by UrbanDic??! June 8, 2015
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The incompetent douche bag you are hired to slave for. This “unit” (meaning durh brain) is the most incompetent employee on the premises. Being unable to get things organised properly, spell, use a cash register, they leave the heavy work to female employees resulting in them scoring upper back strain and putting them into an emotional state of spite and distain. They enjoy blaming others for THEIR mistakes. They are the least popular person in the workplace because of their arsehole behaviour.
Employer to female employee: "Would you be able to move that lounge."

Female Employee thinks: OMG!!!!!

Employer: "Would you be able to put the umbrella up?" (Cafe style umbrella- weights a fuckin' tonne)

If you want it done, do it your fuckin' self!
by trittrott December 7, 2010
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To be in a state of having a job.
John is not in employment. He is a lazy tosser.
by Moosaidthedog June 8, 2005
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em•ployment: The exchange of one’s expertise/skills and personal time in exchange for currency or any other means of reimbursement.
You request a specific set of skills and an alotted amount of time from me to accomplish a task/project. Therefore, upon my employment, you give me whatever I want or I accept whatever you're offering in return; proir to or upon completion of the task/project.
by TyvekNomex January 9, 2013
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An Employer is another word used for when calling somebody a boss. This word can be used to descride someone who is a boss (in the good way) or someone who is jus awsome.
"wow, Ryan your such an employer!!"

"Thanks Bro"
by ballinbeinme January 17, 2012
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One of the Trumpster’s favorite nicknames for himself when he’s feeling low and trying to suck up to Hispanics.
At varying times in my ultra-successful life I have been called The Great Employer since all of my ultra-successful businesses have steadily employed so many undocumented immigrants that you probably would be unable to count them since they are in fact not documented!
by Dr Bunnygirl July 25, 2020
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