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hanging out with a girl that has a boyfriend and you wont get any action from
Tombo was in the mists of carlson at blue on monday
by landon schroyer March 27, 2008
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by JDS12 March 27, 2020
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to avoid taking showers for weeks on end
man after my parents left for vacation, I've been pulling a Carlson. I'm smelling ripe!
by whattupmaing July 29, 2012
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A replacement for a Draguilar.
A director that seems nice for a while, but then pulls a Carlson and does something random and irrational to piss everyone off.
A Carlson is usually too young and immature to handle their job.

Can also refer to falling or tripping over yourself.
Person 1: Did you see him fall off the stage?? It was epic!
Person 2: Haha, yea he pulled another Carlson.
by Lizzardd April 04, 2008
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Carl is that bitch that's addicted to nicotine and never really does work in school think shes cool and just generally hits on all the girls and is to high into his ego
person: Oh look,its carl,
Carlson: someone wanna hit my vape?
by Shrimpcunt March 04, 2020
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