to avoid taking showers for weeks on end
man after my parents left for vacation, I've been pulling a Carlson. I'm smelling ripe!
by whattupmaing July 30, 2012
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A replacement for a Draguilar.
A director that seems nice for a while, but then pulls a Carlson and does something random and irrational to piss everyone off.
A Carlson is usually too young and immature to handle their job.

Can also refer to falling or tripping over yourself.
Person 1: Did you see him fall off the stage?? It was epic!
Person 2: Haha, yea he pulled another Carlson.
by Lizzardd April 5, 2008
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noun(n.)- Anyone who is extremely "jewish" or "cheap" with their money. Constantly seeking free items and left overs in a desperate attempt to save their quarters to buy a new menorah. Often but not always a carlson is equiped with an substantial sized nose which frequently pisses off his gay friends because it interferes with his dick sucking. Carlsons can be found at most Jewish temples searching for innocent little boys and their booties. Although all of these things above are mostly true one thing about a Carlson is always true; his mother is one fine looking lady that any man would be foolish to turn down.
Jim: I think im gonna just throw out these french fries....
Stan: No dont!
Jim: why not?
Stan: because hanukkah is comming up and the Carlson needs to save his pennies.

Mom: Have you seen joey at all lately?
Dad: No I havent why?
Mom: Oh no!
Dad: What is wrong?
Mom: The Carlson probably got him and is probably after his little bootie!
by Dj wExfordie April 28, 2009
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A complete imbecile of a FOX journalist who is extremely biased and partisan.
Tucker is an asshole of a journalist, and from here on should be called Fucker Carlson!
by maninboulder March 31, 2021
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The act of giving someone a "little something extra" to close a business deal or any other request or arrangement. This generally refers to a handjob, but could include anything up to and including all manner of sexual favours.
My wife wanted some new furniture, and I had said no, but when she closed the deal with a "Carlson Handshake", the next thing you know I am at the store buying a sofa with an extended warranty!
by juggler61 January 16, 2012
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You know Fucks News is on because Tucker Carlson is jerking it under his desk again as some angry people talk about liberals.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 November 17, 2018
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An increasingly popular nickname for the Fox News buffoon, Tucker Carlson.
As a person who appears to believe whatever disinformation he is told, no matter what the source, and then function as a highly paid purveyor of extremist bullshit, Sucker Carlson has been cherry-picked as the mouthpiece for right-wing fascist authoritarianism.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 22, 2022
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