the emotional aggregate of a professional; extreme anger or hatred towards children;

also: manic depressive disorder linked to childhood defamation; a character flaw causing chaotic circumstances; evil in its purest form
(Emotional Aggregate): Believing that mundane activities make you a professional, such as waking up at dawn for no apparent reason, bathing in cologne, and degrading those close to you for not conforming to your own psychotic subconscious standards that you have created for yourself. You display authoritarianism.

(Hatred Towards Children): Beating, maiming, or murder of a pre-pubescent citizen on grounds with out much substance, for example, shoving a child's face into sand because his shoelace is untied or he called you Glenn Humplick.

(Manic Depressive Example): Walking down street in wet t-shirt and getting back slapped by town bully at a young age, causing backlash at close friends because you locked away the pain.

(Character Flaw): destroying the personal property of others or causing others to cower in fear over the fact that you are flying around like a tornado, speaking in toungues, face afire.

(Evil): Anything a manifestation of the above; professionalism at its absolute worst.
by gerberho July 25, 2006
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A political view aimed towards state over people
The Nazi Party was authoritarian because they believed in the state over the people
by BigCockdoc June 7, 2020
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In a political context - In favor of large, intrusive government that violates or suppresses individual rights; characterized by a "law and order" approach; failing to support civil liberties and/or economic freedom in society; undemocratic

In a non-political context - Bossy, controlling, domineering
People with authoritarian views, agendas, or personalities rarely describe themselves as authoritarian, but can often be spotted when they try to rationalize some government control as being necessary "for national security", "for public safety", "for the children", or "for your own good".

The longer Senator Bullwrap stayed in office, the more authoritarian he became.
by Lin Zhao February 10, 2013
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If there was a list of authoritarian countries, Great Britain would be only just behind North Korea and Nazi Germany due to ever more Orwellian one sided bullshit laws.
Rich from the USA: I just trolled some asshole online for a while because he was pissing me off, what have you been up to Fred?

Fred from the UK: I trolled someone online for calling me a cunt, and other names, and then the police turned up at my door and arrested me for "hate speech" after I called him a faggot back, but they pretended that the other person didn't exist and he got off scot-free. Don't ever come to the UK, it's a one-sided shithole that caters to snowflake idiots that are allowed to be verbally abusive towards you.

Fred from the USA: Wow i didn't know the UK was such an authoritarian police state!
by Fight 4 Freedom January 23, 2023
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A person who believes in the power and structure of authority. Socially they believe in a solid to extreme structure of rules. Also they tend to believe in heavy regulation of businesses and corporations.

Authoritarians tends to become a bad label due to some heavy state heavy dictators that can form from an extreme level of these beliefs. I repeat ... authoritarian and dictator are not synonyms (contrary to the beliefs of libertarians, and other exaggerating morons)

These people believe that in order to maintain safety and well being of everyone, that the social liberties of the individual be regulated. This would mean heavy government influence in business and society. In essence State > Individual and that the Whole is greater than or equal to its parts.

They tend to believe in harsher more than a wrist slap punishment to deter further misconduct. They believe that rules are there for a decent reason and should not be disobeyed.

This is contrary to Libertarian, who tends to believe in as little government regulation especially when it comes to social regulation (they are a little more okay with it in businesses). In summary Individual > State and that the Parts are greater than or equal to the whole.
(student texting in class after getting caught): Hey don't take away my phone! Free speech dude!! I have the right to my cell phone at all times!

(Teacher) Cell Phones are for emergencies, it is disrespectful to text in class, you should be paying attention even if what I am teaching is boring


(Libertarian) We are responsible members of society, and we do not need rules or regulations to make us act responsibly! *I* HAVE RIGHTS !

(Authoritarian) You are not ALL responsible and unfortunately you must be protected from yourselves, come down from your fantasy land and take a little bit of reality in, *EVERYONE* will be better off this way.
by IAmNotADictator February 15, 2012
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NAME.authoritarian is a social media trend started by mike Liu alias @chinese.authoritarian
It is likely that said pages base their names on the country they live in or fictional countries such as Romanian.Authoritarian or Bikini.bottom.authoritarian.
.Authoritarian pages are mostly based on Instagram and post memes related to various current topics, such as politics or just various memes
The .authoritarian is a giant community, getting bigger every day with more then 10000 followers globally.
“Did you see the new post by *blank*.authoritarian?
Man these .authoritarians are so sad
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Someone who's not your father but tries to talk to someone else over age 18 like he/she is your father, or makes your decisions for you. These are usually the same kinds of bullshit people that talk the most about other people being their peers.
The scientist/medical guy/girl on TV is talking about people who don't wear masks being out of control. No, talking to somebody you're not related to like you're their father is out of control. Fuck the authoritarian bullshit.
by Solid Mantis July 30, 2020
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