captain jack is a street name for heroin
an example of this is billy joel's song "captain jack"
"Captain jack will get you by tonight, take you to your special island, Captain jack will get you by tonight, just a little push and you'll be flying"
by matthew D December 11, 2007
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A mixed drink consisting of equal parts Captain Morgan rum and Jack Daniels whisky. Get it?
-I puked so much last night!

-Yeah, Captain Jack will do that to you.
by Jake February 9, 2005
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A male who enjoys the company and sexual pleasure of another male, and also has a anual masturbation problem.
that sam over there is a captain jack.
by captain-planet! May 5, 2005
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A term used to describe the effects of drugs on a user.
A mythical figure who takes drugs users on a trip.
i.e. Captain Jack has led me into choppy seas, or The Captain has taken Kevin to sea and he won't be back for sometime.
by Rob Howe July 18, 2003
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A Billy Joel song which is old but can still touch teens today. It's about struggle and bad luck, but the music with the lyrics is pretty well done. It will make you laugh but maybe also cry...
"Your sister's gone out, she's on a date... but you just sit at home, and masturbate..."
by GO KNIGHTS April 8, 2005
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A reference to the television show "Torchwood", a "Captain Jack" refers to a problem solving technique in which a party seduces every person between themselves and their goal.

Captain Jack Harkness: "The last time I was sentenced to death, I ordered four hyper-vodkas for my breakfast. All a bit of a blur after that... I woke up in bed with both of my executioners. Lovely couple, they stayed in touch! Can't say that about most executioners."
Lucy : I can't believe I blew my professor and only got a "B".

Darcy : Well you know he doesn't even submit the grades. It's the teaching assistant that does that, and you should probably should also have fucked the anorexic guy that sends out the reports if you really cared about your grade.

Lucy : Hey, I don't think I could stand going full "Captain Jack" just for a good E-Sci grade. It's not like it was a core class. Besides, my TA was girl and she wasn't pretty.

Darcy : Sometimes you gotta take one for team Lucy.

Lucy : True that. My main skill is that I'm a massive slut.
by Darker August 4, 2011
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