A person who has a particular affection for large white women. Referencing Melvill's novel Moby Dick.
My friend Tyrone is a huge Captain Ahab. He hangs out around Jenny Craig on Friday nights.
by Hovdaholic June 01, 2007
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While you and a fat chick are in the water, have her bob down so only the ass of the girl is sticking out such to resemble a whales blowhole, you then stand on the side of the pool waiting to slay the "white whale" in the blowhole, finishing off with a dismount and inserting into whichever hole he pleases, Slaying the white whale.
Yo man i gave this chick a Captain Ahab Last Night. I stuck that shit to the mothafuckin whale yo.
by Silentobituary August 31, 2006
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1.Chubby Chaser.

2.Someone who really likes whale sized women.

3.Refers to his boner as a harpoon.

4.Uses ham for cologne.
So I heard Captain Ahab took Jen out for some ham. Sounds like a hot date.

That chick must be like 500 lbs. I'll bet Captain Ahab would love her.
by Johnny Grey May 17, 2007
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The act of gathering the folds of fat on a whale's (particularily plump girl) stomach and then proceeding to jab them repeatedly with your penis, or 'harpoon', and then hollering "Thar she blows!" as you cum.
One night at the Ol' Slag, me mate,Ishmael, suggested that I "Captain Ahab" the bedraggled sea-whore beached at the table aft ours.
by G. Willakers December 05, 2007
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1.A male that goes out to a bar and ends up going home with a fat chick( see whale).

2. The leader of a group of dudes trying to pickup fat bitches on a bar.
Steve: Man I saw Jeff last night with two Moby Dicks!

Tom: Oh no! He is such a Captain Ahab!
by Soultaker MK3 September 09, 2010
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1.an insult used to describe a:
-douche bag
-an all around "fucker"
Shut the fuck up, Captain Ahab McGay!
by nickOlass June 23, 2006
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