It's a book...
Moby Dick is one of the most monumental books published in the Ninteenth century, and is the greatest sea story ever told... I don't know where these other sick fucks got their information.
by Melville119 May 6, 2011
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Waking your wife by repeatedly beating your penis across her face in a performance reminiscent of the great John Bonham drum solo "Moby Dick"
She wouldn't wake up so I played Moby Dick. She woke up immediately
by Greg Toland January 9, 2015
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When you are banging a chubby white girl from behind and her big ass is up in the air... you pull out and spew all over her back while yelling "Thar she blows!"
"I "Moby Dick'd" that girl I picked up last night!"
by SamAmy October 15, 2008
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A woman with tracheotomy performs oral sex on you but takes pulls your cock out at the last second, takes the load up her nose, and tilts her head back as far as she can before coughing and blowing the shame juice out of her neck hole.
I met this grandma last night at the bar that offered to let me Moby Dick her if I bought her another Pabst.
by Puffy McScrote December 29, 2015
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A man with a shaved pubic region. It refers to the musician Moby in regard to his bald head in relation to the hairless dick and balls.
"Ted was alright, but when I gave him head my mouth kept getting so full of pubic hair!"

"That's why I like Andy. He's got a Moby Dick."
by Steve Stevenson 66666667 April 28, 2012
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You are performing anal sex on a girl, you pull out, and she farts. It is like a blow hole.
by Honey Hole August 26, 2010
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a large, very pale penis. Named so for the white whale in the Herman Melville novel of the same name.
James was shocked when he lowered the man's boxers and was greeted with a Moby Dick.
by The Kinky Bruin July 27, 2014
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