The act of astonishment at the price of a popular brand of household crisps.
That will be £1.40 - ONE FORTY!!!!!?
by Darkness November 29, 2004
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Alternatively 0 to 140. Term to denote the erasing of a tweet that has gone over the limit thus freeing up 140 characters for you to tweet with.
I was tweeting about what I thought about Iron Man 2 and went to far, had to go from Zero to One Forty faster than you can blink.
by Kahn Iceay May 15, 2010
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the well-known British practice of waking up at 1:40pm exactly to catch the lunchtime edition of cult soap, neighbours. see also the five thirty five grind.
- Had a productive day?
- Well... got the one forty itch, then took in a bit of doctors and murdershewrote, then... went back to bed.
- Nice. Fancy a quick drink later?
- Well, after last night...
by selmabouvier December 19, 2003
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Most commonly used in the areas of New York and New Jersey to refer to your girlfriend, best friend, or main girl you associate with.
- Tonight I'm going out with shorty one forty. Today is our anniversary.
by Yomar June 28, 2017
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n. The butt. Part number 41 of the human body as per Advanced Auto Parts commercials.
Yo, gimmie the 411 on that forty one!
by unperson September 2, 2003
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