Left wing troll who tries to imitate a right winger, usually poorly due to left wing's complete misunderstanding of who right wingers are. Often given away by telltale first line, "I'm a lifelong Republican, BUT..." or "As a lifelong Republican, I have to disagree with (Republican figure)..."
Moby: I'm a lifelong Republican, but it turns my stomach when I see the fascist rantings of these town hall protesters. What they are doing is worse than Hitler! I am going to vote Democrat until this stops and you should too!

Actual Republican: Try to dial it down next time, Moby. You'd be more convincing!
by Dark Eden August 29, 2009
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Electronic musician who capitalized off the emergent interest in electronic music during the mid 1990s. Moby is known for culturally appropriating black field recordings from Alan Lomax, and mashing them up with drum samples and Brian Eno-type ambient musical sounds, and 'soundscapes'.

Also known for licensing his music for commercial purposes, paving the way for it not to be whack to sellout. Many artists in the 21st century actually DREAM of "selling out", so they can become rich and famous.

Unfortunately and unintentionally, Moby's music has done a fine job of helping marketers make consumer goods seem more "cool", to global consumers. So, Moby's music shows that cultural globalization is all about cultural appropriation, for consumerist purposes.
Gee, I just heard 3 Moby tracks in 3 consecutive commercials. One for a luxury car, the next for dog food, and the last for soda pop. Is this post-modern culture, or anti-culture?
by JimmyJ_Jam May 31, 2018
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A genius in the world of electronica who has revolutionzed the face of music through various degrees of magnitude.
Many mindless dumbfucks don't like Moby because Eminem doesn't.
by anon August 29, 2003
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When you want to refer to someone as a "dick" at work and need a code word. As in Moby Dick
He totally threw me under the bus in an email to my boss, what a Moby!
by gferg December 29, 2010
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Multi-genre artist who has changed the face of electronic music through his changing styles and verying use of a wide range of genres....and he did a song with Gwen Stefani so hes gotta be the shit.
Dude did you see that guy at the club? He was butin it out like Moby!
by Stev February 27, 2003
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Someone who can get stung by Obie.
Eminem (Without Me) : And Moby? You can get stung by Obie. You thirty year old bald fag, blow me. You don't know me, your too old, let go, its over. Nobody listens to techno, so let's go...
by GimmiK July 17, 2006
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