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Generally "Hamid" is a Arabic male first name that has several meaning:

1.In Islam "Hamid" is one of the ninety-nine attribute names of Allah
A:his name is Hamid,he recently came from Iran
B:Hamid?it's a Arabic name right?
B:what a creepy name!what does it mean anyway?
A:what you care?come on "Hamid" is just a name,like any other,don't make a big thing about it
by Hamid2547 February 01, 2011
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A very smart and intelligent person a Tech guy, an awesome sexy hot looking person sexy style, really muscular.
Boy: I wish I was hamid :(
Girl: You wish!
by JJJJJ103 June 27, 2010
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Hamid is a very cool dude always stands up for what he believe may seem sensitive but is a very strong person. Is very protective over his love ones and will always have their back. Hamid is someone's you would always wanna be around and can make you have an amazing day by sharing a few jokes. Hamid is one of a kind and tends to have lots of crushes or people crushing on him. Doesn't like being punked around but can bottle up a lot of emotions but is still a loving person. Hamid also hates to see others sad.
Hamid is a very strong person

He makes me smile

Stands up for what he feels
by Truleybless April 02, 2019
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to steal something because no one can see u ... ultimate darkness
I 'hamided' dwaynes chair, computer and life..

Check outside ur house cause theres Hamid is there with a U-Haul hamiding ur shit.
by MYD February 21, 2007
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Has a great personality, always puts a smile on your face even when you are down. Make you feel warm, loved, and appreciated. Even tho at times they can get on you’re nerves, you will find it easy to forgive them.
Frind- I need to find me a hamid
Friend #2- ikr hamids are the best
by GJWHF March 17, 2019
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1. Any of several Middle East-dwelling carnivore super intelligent species
2. A metaphorical question
3. archaic or dialect adverb At some distance in the direction indicated; over there
1. They say the poor bastard was attacked by a Hamid which is very intelligent and dewells in Middle East and feasts on flesh.
2. What did you do to my fucking car bitch?
3. A: Where iseth my carriage you grimalkin?

B: It iseth right overeth hamid
by män-'täzh July 28, 2009
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