A cock without balls, i.e. unpleasant, annoying, overconfident male who actually has no real courage.
That capon thinks he's the shit, but just punch him in the face and he'll leave you alone.

That damn capon's whipped. His woman won't even let him out for a drink.
by fist of legend March 31, 2011
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Getting extremely excited about something nobody cares about.
Dan got a caponer when thinking about the high school football game.
by candapone March 11, 2014
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Reference to Al Capone, famous Chicago gangster. If you're "straight up capone" you're a true gangsta out there on the streets, not one to be fucked with.
"You're straight up capone"
by Pablo Escobar September 4, 2004
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1.Something or someone that fails in an epic scale of things.
2.To lose your testicles
1.Ewwww Brian capon!!
2.You caponing now boy!
by anonymouslanguage September 22, 2009
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When you are owned by Al Capone or owned in a mob style.
Man that accountant in The Untouchables just got caponed.
by Jake Plewa November 4, 2005
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Person: "Hey man, 50$ to do my homework this week?"

Person 2:"Nah man, you can't Capone me that easily."
by Beastopher April 7, 2013
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