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Reference to Al Capone, famous Chicago gangster. If you're "straight up capone" you're a true gangsta out there on the streets, not one to be fucked with.
"You're straight up capone"
by Pablo Escobar September 04, 2004
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Person: "Hey man, 50$ to do my homework this week?"

Person 2:"Nah man, you can't Capone me that easily."
by Beastopher April 06, 2013
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Capone is a killer who show no mercy on his victims and killing is something he have too do it’s like a high he can’t go without but Capone do love family and only family if your not related to Capone do not cross him or do anything to harm him or u will be killed in the worst ways u can think of Capone doesn’t let anyone get close too him and he’s always paranoid thinking he’s going to get killed every second of the day
Don’t cross Capone or u will be killed!!!
by Capone killer January 07, 2019
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