3 definitions by EmailinaTHeArNer

The last shit crap droplet that just doesnt quite make it all the way down the drain, and ends up coming back up after the flushing stops. Is usually rather small and often a companion to the Cottonelle Caper.
George W. Bush's dog then regurgimitated the Chocolate Dumpling he ate earlier from an electric port-o-potty.
by EmailinaTHeArNer May 20, 2011
The loose piece of toilet paper that often floats up out of the bottom or throat of the toilet. This is usually cause by too many things being swallowed by the Toilet Monster at one time. Looks kind of like a ghost.
The Toilet Monster was full after my serious two flush mega casper-the-friendly-compost, infinite-firehose, shit. So it puked back up a Cottonelle Caper for the dog to play with.
by EmailinaTHeArNer May 20, 2011
The evil monster living in or under your toilet. A controversial subject of much curiousity. Not many people no much about the toilet monster. Many think it has an endless hunger for piss and finklematter. Some think it the explanation for why things such as a Cottonelle Caper or Chocolate Dumpling exist. Also the most expensive part of the toilet.
The shit that I took in the toilet at Meyers had to be eaten by my seeing eye dog, because the sick fucks didn't have a braille sign saying "Toilet Monster NOT in toilets! Don't take a shit, you blind fucking bastard."
by EmailinaTHeArNer May 20, 2011