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realgunta: a grand smh
by Ronnie September 23, 2012
1. make out with someone
2. get together with someone (as a date)
i hooked up with that guy...he was yummy
by Ronnie May 26, 2003
A person who is sexually obsessed with feet in some kind of way foot fetish
Man, that girl's feet are so hot I could just have sex with them alone!
by Ronnie March 14, 2005
Term used to imply that someone is an idiot.
You've broken the computer again; you fucking drapesman.
by Ronnie February 13, 2004
an idiot going by the name of John Marsh who fingered his ex unsuspectedly up the wrong-un
Make it yourself, but beware, its messy
by Ronnie November 12, 2004
Zorak on SGC2C: I am the lone locust, er, MANTIS of the apocalypse!
by Ronnie April 18, 2005
Origin is uncertain, but the theory with the most logic behind it is that "86" began as rhyming slang code of the sort found in London's Cockney underworld of the 19th century. As "trouble and strife" meant "wife" in rhyming slang, "86" may have stood for "nix" -- "nix" meaning "nothing", "get rid of" or "to dismiss."
I need a burger with cheese... 86 the "mayo".


I want you to ice him and 86 the body.
by Ronnie February 26, 2004