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1. make out with someone
2. get together with someone (as a date)
i hooked up with that guy...he was yummy
by Ronnie May 25, 2003

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small in weight
that is a petite girl i can pick her up easily
by ronnie July 28, 2003

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1. The swahili word for "How are things?"
2. A popular Latin dance.
1. Tanzanian #1: Mambo?
Tanzanian #2: Poa Kchizi.

2. Jets: Mambo!
Sharks: Mambo!
(Warning: This example containsa a reference to a musical. Readers are NOT advised to see West Side Story, although it would provide insight as to the root of example #2. Thank you.)
by Ronnie February 22, 2004

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A person who is sexually obsessed with feet in some kind of way foot fetish
Man, that girl's feet are so hot I could just have sex with them alone!
by ronnie March 14, 2005

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A place for honky's that get their asses kicked in real life go to have E-Power
Timmy got his ass kicked at school so he goes to Boxden and deletes post of black people because he's a mod
by Ronnie April 02, 2005

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1. Swahili word used to respectfully say, "Hello," to an elder. (Literally means "I hold your feet.")

2. A Tanzanian band of veteran musicians with the desire to spread the old dansi sounds of the 60s and 70s across the African continent.
1. Young Tanzanian: Shikamoo.
Elder Tanzanian: Marahaba.

2. Look for their CD "RetroAfric".
by Ronnie February 22, 2004

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realgunta: a grand smh
by RonniE September 23, 2012

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