an obviously drunk cartoon character used to promote the best tasting cereal line, ever. peanut butter and choco-donut crunch mixed together and eaten with chocolate milk has been known to produce effects in the brain associated with LSD and crack cocaine.
'... in each special marked box of Cap'n Crunch cereal you'll find a torch lighter and a glass novelty tube. Imagine the uses, kids!
by cereal killa January 18, 2005
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The act of skipping prescribed training to get to the certification test; akin to kids who dig through a full box of Cap'n Crunch in order to obtain the toy at the bottom of the box before eating the cereal.
The staff is bypassing a lot of valuable training because they are Cap'n Crunching the online course.
by SINJim February 5, 2021
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When giving oral sex to a man for a long period of time, your jaw gets tired and you accidentally bite down. You may also do this purposefully if the man "gets kinky"
Jake: Why can't Dave walk?
Jay: Didn't you hear?
Jake: Hear what, man?
Jay: Evidentally he "got kinky" with Laura and she bit his weiner.
Jake: Ouch..Dave got the Cap'n Crunch.
by Jackie & Emilie August 4, 2004
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This product may contain small amounts of addictive crack cocaine which makes the cock and balls swell and put on their mean faces.
My cerial may be intertwine with sweet sweet home made crack cocain grown by my foster asian children. Foster chinese children:"Crackatize me cap'n, now!!!"
by Cap'n Crack July 6, 2003
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Another name for a Screaming Seagull, this is a sexual move in which 2 people have sex on the beach, and the male sticks his penis in the sand and proceeds to have sex with the girl. The result is a painful experience in which the sand makes a crunching noise inside the vagina, hence the name.
We were doing it on the beach, and I decided to get kinky and give her a cap'n crunch. She screamed louder than she did in bloody anal sex.
by Jizzle Lizzle March 17, 2005
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drugs (mainly cocaine) smuggled through food
Homie: So when am I getting the Cap'n Crunch???? I NEED IT GOD DAMMIT!!!!
Dealer: Soon enough... chill out....
by Bensta November 27, 2005
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