"Cannoli" is the plural of "cannolo," which is a Sicilian pastry consisting of a crisp pastry tube filled with sweetened ricotta. The ricotta filling is sometimes sprinkled with crushed pistachios, chopped candied citron or orange peel, or semi-sweet chocolate chips. It's a popular item in Italian-American bakeries.
I'll have a dozen cannoli. But please make up some fresh ones. I don't want any that were already filled an hour ago.
by Farfalla February 24, 2008
an italian pastry filled with cream and chocolate chips.
CANNOLiPANTS: hey bellaface that was a GOODASS cannoli? where'd you get it?
BELLAFACE: take a wild guess, you crazy beast, you. ;-*
by KATi NOELLE aka CANNOLiPANTS October 16, 2005
When you bust a nut in a girl belly button, making it cream filled like a cannoli
Last night jake gave me a cannoli
by hairy pickle69 February 21, 2015
A wankster or wigger. White on the outside, whiter on the inside.
A good way to tell a cannoli is if they think of themselves as an Uh-Oh Oreo (White on the outside, black on the inside).

That freshman is such a cannoli; he calls his sister J-Dawg and wishes he could be 50 Cent.
by Vimmy November 7, 2007
In "The Godfather" movie, after his accomplice shoots a disloyal associate of the Corleone family, Clemenza says: "Leave the gun, take the Cannoli."
by TheConsigliere July 20, 2010
Another term for smoking weed, or anything of the sort. It's a great alternative because then people think you're just a fatass and not a stoner.
"Dude want to go eat some cannoli?"
"Hell yeah! 420 blaze it."
"Don't say that again."
by Viceman November 18, 2017
When you pull out when getting head and ejaculate in your partners nose, filling it up like a cannoli.
The first time I got head I accidentally pulled out and came in her nose, it filled up like a cannoli.
by Waterfall Moments March 6, 2016