A city in sicily where vito corleone got his name from when he came to america.
I went to corleone when i went to italy
by vince March 29, 2005
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When broken down, the Italian name means "Heart of the Lion" or "Lionheart"
Wow, he's so brave! He must have a Corleone!
by SØUL PLVGŪE April 6, 2016
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elite mafia family. Central to the plot of one of the greatest movies and books of all time, The Godfather
I'll make him an offer he can't refuse
by mephisto May 28, 2003
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Nick name for one of the greatest rapers of all-time, Big L. It is uncertain where he got the nick name, but is believed to be a mixture of his first and last name; Lamont Coleman.
"Yeah,yeah, Big L, Corleone, my nigga C-town,my big brother Big Lee holdin' it down, flamboyant baby, for life, no doubt, we takin' over, comin' to a, theatre near you, check it out...."
by Street_Struck March 6, 2009
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Meaning to be flashy, smooth or flamboyant.

In some cases, can categorize someone that is bougie.
I would never go to that club, I'm too corelone for that.

That boy be fly, he stay on his Corleone s**t.
by xUrbanDefiner February 4, 2019
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n. New Jersey slang for a common type of cap with a flat, soft top and a short brim popularized by Kangol Co., Samuel L. Jackson, and, of course, the Godfather films.
"He has a Corleone to match all his shirts."
by wayfarer April 28, 2005
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Corleon got them fire bars.
by Down south coalition December 20, 2016
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