Another term for condom.

The candy is your dick, and the wrapper is the condom.

Candy+wrapper = Candy wrapper!
Person 1: Dude, where did you get that candy wrapper?
Person 2: They have 'em at the gas station down the road.
by DJ M&'M April 16, 2006
a douche bag that hangs around you that you try to ignore.

this fucking asian is a candy wrapper
by jim jackson May 28, 2008
Damn, that candy wrapper is tight.
Sir: Candy Wrappers come in different size Sm,L,Xl.
by Brooklyn_1285 July 12, 2008
The act of placing a booger in a tissue and saving it for later consumption.
Alex-Dude, get your finger out of your nose, you digging for gold?
Carl-No, I'm just making some candy wrappers.
by oogyboogysnoogy September 15, 2011
1. a sexual act wherein multiple males ejaculate into condoms and pass them along in a rotation pattern. It's kind of like telephone, but thought to be mostly gay.
Mark, Rick, and Steve are coming over for Halloween; we're going to mix candy wrappers and engage in various other homosexual acts.
by beefquesadilla September 25, 2009