Synonym for trustworthy

A Turkish male name for describing a f*cking legend. People that know English will always make fun of this name and if you can read this you will understand the reason easily.

They are usually tall and most of them are playing some kind of sport. They always suffer from surnames that only Turkish people can read.

Can’s are just Can’s you will lose a lot if you don’t know one of them in your life.
Person 1: I met a new dude, he is from Turkey and seemed like a nice person, idk why I got good a good vibe from him.

Person 2: He seems to be a Can!!
by Luis Halalmilton November 21, 2021
This term has multiple uses. The first of these is a garbage can. The term can is used in this setting very commonly because the word can is in the name stupid. Another use of the word can is a shitter. If you don’t know what a shitter is, I’m sure you can infer from the name. Another common use of the term can is a can with beer inside, however the only time the term can is used is when the liquid inside the can is beer.
Eduardo- “Yo can you pass me a can real quick?”
Al-Ya sure, just make sure you throw your can in the can when your done with it and hit the can on the way out”
by EricSparks September 14, 2021
1) The rear end of a human being, typically female, but sometimes male as well. see ass

2) When used in association with "it" can means to shut up, or to stop talking.

3) A typically round, metal container, that may carry a beverage or other fluids or solids.

4) A word that has since become rarely used, meaning toilet.

5) An object in the backyard children's game kick the can

6) International short form for Canada. Used only in upper case letters: CAN
1) Look at the can on that hoe!

2) Can it, bitch.

3) Yo G, hook me up with a can of coke

4) I'll be right back. I gotta go to the can.

5) Kenny kicked the can. You're all free to go.

6) While watching an international hockey game, the score might say CAN - 5, SWE - 2
by Paul September 25, 2004
A usually cylindrical airtight metal container usually made of tin-coated iron, in which foods or beverages are preserved.
by Parallax May 27, 2003
The term “can” has multiple uses. The first of these is the garbage can. U know those cans that u throw bags of literal or figurative shit into. Another use for the term “can” is a shitter. If you don’t know what a shitter is im sure you can infer from the name. Can may also be used in reference to a beer can. However unless the liquid inside the can is beer, this term is not used.
Julio- “Yo can u throw me a can real quick?”
Adam- “Ya sure
Julio- “Aight im just gonna go hit the can real quick”
Adam- “make sure you throw your can in the can after you get done using the can”
by EricSparks September 13, 2021
The "can" is an inferior fighter or player (often an unknown or one with a poor record) that is set against the favorite solely for the purpose of losing and making the latter look good. Comeback fights are often against cans.
I'm not going to bother watching the Crocop fight, he's up against some can and it's only going to last 30 seconds.
by author February 2, 2007