One of the oldest and proudest names in Ireland. O'Connell evokes respect and reverence for anyone blessed with the name. Although egotistical, those with the name O'Connell are very sweet people. Also, O'Connells tend to be exceptionally good looking.
"Wow, those guys are really hot, who are they?"
"Those are the O'Connell boys"
by Irishmama February 24, 2009
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Millie O'Connell plays Anne Boleyn in the British musical, "Six."

Millie O'Connell is made of 99% pure energy. She is so full to the brim with energy that she could detroy Thanos in mere seconds even with all of the infinity stones in his possession.

She is the all powerful cast member that is the reason for many to spend their entire paychecks just to go see her in the show.
Millie O'Connell has a god level amount of energy
by Number11Doctor August 15, 2019
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nicknames for O'Connell are Hoeconnell, DJHoe, and Slowconnell. It's a Catholic school but the girls are sluts and the guys are lax bros. Everyone parties and there are drugs galore. Girls were spotted snorting cocaine in a math class while guys dipped in the back of the classroom. Under the stairs by the gym, there have been countless hookups and quickies. THe uniforms get sluttier and sluttier every year and the students do their best to live up to the stereotype of catholic students partying constantly. Also, O'Connell is better than PVI because PVI kids are O'Connell rejects.
Bishop O'Connell guy- Waddup breh
other oconnell guy- i'm tryna get blackout sahnnnn
by the hoeconnell slut March 19, 2013
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1. This totally lame douche who was in a movie about kangaroos and yet somehow, SOMEHOW, gets to nail Rebecca Romijn.
1A. That guy on Sliders. Sliders, for God's sake!
2. Incompetent loser who has mastered the art of sucking to a degree beyond simple words, that would make a vile whore jealous.
3. Someone who has something they really don't deserve, because they suck, and the thing they have is great.
4. A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers.
5. An itching and usually painful mass of dilated veins in swollen anal tissue.
1. "Fucking Jerry O'Connell!! I hate that guy!"
3. "That Jerry O'Connell's mommy and daddy just bought him a new car. They even gift-wrapped it with a gigantic bow."
4. "Haha, check this out, I'm going to run over this Jerry O'Connell guy with my 4x4 while he stands in the middle of the street. He can't guard against common dangers, after all."
5. See hemorrhoids.
???. "I want to kick you in the damn face."
by Echelon and Zombie March 7, 2005
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The amount of junk that accumulates, is directly related to the space available to hold it.
If the house was smaller he would have less junk, O'Connell's Law.

Workshop is a mess. typical case of O'Connell's law
by PaddyinOZ August 18, 2018
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Pro cross country runner for the expert pennsbury team; for ever locked in a battle with Jon Killoran.
Jon Killoran and Liam O'Connell are beatin' the shit out each utter.
by Clark-e October 11, 2011
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Wow that sure is a Nora O'Connell.
by iamanna. January 25, 2010
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