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It's a "sacre" (swear) from Quebec.

1. Can be used as noun
2. Can be used as adjective
3. Can be used as verb
1. Toi mon caliss!
2. T'es un caliss de cave!
3. M'a t'en calisser une!
by adjudant117 November 10, 2006
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French Canadian swear extensively used by french citizens of the provice of Quebec, Canada. Depending on the situation, it can imply different things, but in most cases it can be defined as fuck or damn.

The actual word caliss, originated from calisse, which is a religious cup use to drink wine by the priest performing the Christian ceremony. Most of the French Canadian swears originated from religious items.
"Ma t'en calisser une" - is this sentence, "caliss" has been verbalized and would mean "Im going to fucken hit you"

"Je m'en caliss" - is this sentence, "caliss" would be used to add more impact to the phrase and means "I don't give a fuck"

"Caliss de chien sale" - is this sentence, "caliss" would mean fuck or damn, which would translate this sentence to "fucken bastard" (in French Canadian "chien sale" means bastard, but if we take it word by word, chien sale would translates to "dirty dog" / chien=dog, sale=dirty )

"Caliss" - caliss can also be used by itself, which would translate to fuck or damn.
by Paul Bonnom April 17, 2007
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Un Mot Quebecois , Utiliser en tant que ''Sacre''
Toé mon Caliss Ma te Calisser Une Caliss de Voler
by Benny December 15, 2004
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Another "sacre" of the french Canadian world. This "sacre" is the most used yet overabused one in the Quebeker's common language, since it's between the vulgar and polite line.

Can also be used as an ajdective and a noun.
"Ya catché un caliss de gros poésson !"
"Toé mon caliss, jva tbastonner"
by Bob Dole 101 July 19, 2003
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"Caliss Ben té bin laitte osti d'porc de caliss! To la caliss face en caliss cul d'poule caliss!"
by Vachou November 04, 2003
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1-A word that make those who use it proud to be Quebecer.

2- commonly used with other swears.
"Chu un Quebecois caliss, pas un caliss d'immigrant sale !"

"Mon esti de tabarnak de gros chien sale de caliss de sacrament. Ma t'arracher la caliss de tete pis te chier dans le caliss de corps sale."
by =||DiCe||= December 15, 2004
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