38 definitions by Benny

"You hit that? She's like 350!"
"Yeah, but sometimes you gotta go hoggin'"
by Benny March 30, 2004
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y100 beats the crap out of any other radio station
by Benny March 20, 2005
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The land of chebber

The place where one goes after numerous alcoholic beverages.
"I'm bored, fancy doing something?"

"Yes, I know, lets go to chebberland"
by Benny February 17, 2004
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A maximum-strength laxative, not for the faint of heart. You will literally shit your guts out. The mucus lining your intestines will be removed.
"Poopin' Is cool"
"Have a crappy day!"
by Benny February 4, 2004
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Yo, ike, i busted out of house and started chasing him but it was issel as a mug and i ran beck in.
by Benny May 2, 2003
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Je suis ici et non là-bas
by Benny December 17, 2004
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