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Better than UC Berkeley in Engineering and Science, better than any other school in the nation in Architecture.
Cal Poly is the most underrated school in the west, and that is a good thing.
by The Architect May 16, 2004

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Better than UC Davis, UCSB, UCI, UCSC and UCR in engineering, better than any other school (with the exception of Cal Poly and Harvard in architecture. One out of every 5 licensed architects in CA graduated from this school as well as one out of every 14 engineers.

And it's crazy cheap too! (~$3000/yr. for tuition for in-state residents and $11000 total when tacked on with housing).

Plus, the new residential suites kick ass.
C0w P0ly Pomona is way too underrated
by The Architect January 04, 2005

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Best School in California. Always in the top 100 ranking high schools in the country.
Its weird how many wannabes talk shit about lynbrook. They should post definitions about their own shitty schools and leave us alone.
by The Architect April 20, 2004

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When there is no one sitting in the passenger seat, but there are people riding in the back seats.

Originates from the bay area, where asian people for some reason never fill that front seat...
Ok someone jump up here, were not riding asian style!!!
by The Architect January 15, 2006

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1337 as fsk
Ye were walking down the street and then pArAdoXX jumped out and pwnd ye
by The architect November 10, 2003

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NOUN- the result of ejaculation. One is to urinate, two is to deficate, and three is to ejaculate.
Dont bother me for the next five minutes, I gotta drop a three.
by The architect February 14, 2005

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Best band ever to exist. Period.
Alice in Chains is better than democracy.
by The Architect April 19, 2004

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