A quarter ounce (or 7 grams) of coke or other drugs.
I bought a cabana of ketamine this weekend off my dealer.
by skettie December 29, 2009
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When partying in the same place every week gets old and stale
The dudes are tired of drinking in the same old place , they are suffering cabana fatigue
by Cabana man January 21, 2018
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A food chain restricted to texas, new mexico and oklahoma that serves freggin good mexican food. The mexican chain that will hopefully drive shitty places like taco bell out of business. Commonly referred to as, the taco C, the place prides themselves as the original mexican patio cafe. Also noteworthy, taco cabana is one of the rare fast food places you can order beer with your meal. In many people's opinion, the highlight of texas fast food.
"dude lets go out to the taco cabana."
"sure thing man. their burritos are freggin awesome."

"you guys going to the taco C?"
by another pete April 7, 2006
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Nice, hot, young boy (race and income unimportant) who serves mine-or yours, should you choose- every whim. And I mean every whim.
"Oh Cabana Boy!!! I think I need another lime in this avacado daiquiri! And really, you must remove those wet swim trunks! They must bee so constricting!
by crackerjillian June 8, 2005
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a sexy guy with a tan that he gets from working out on the beach and serving the tourists daquiris and rum and cokes.
visit an island...fall in love with a cabana boy.
by Sam July 3, 2004
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A young man (typically in his twenties) that gives a woman anything and everything she needs or wants as a servant would. However most of her needs or wants have a sexual connotation behind them.
I was at the beach and the cabana boy massaged my feet as I drank my piña colada.

The cabana boy fanned me with a palm leaf as I dried myself from the shower.
by El Moco September 2, 2005
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Suburb located 30 mins from Woy Woy in the Central coast, renowned for insane parties and unforgetable nights of drunken orgy.
Chick: What happens at Copa, stays at Copa.
Guy (5 mins later on phone): Dude I just rooted this chick up at Copa Cabana with a fork!
by Simon (chuck) January 13, 2006
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