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A homosexual who is indiscernibly gay. Because avacados are fruits, but do not look or taste much like fruits, the term is applied to gay people who do not fit the "Will & Grace" stereotypes.
A bad dresser and NFL fanatic, you would never guess that Jacob was an avacado.
by omouallem January 16, 2007
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An incredibly rare species, recently spotted with snazzy blue braces, maybe a failed attempt at a mating call. An all around beam & your daily source of memes. Also your average snapchat spammer, and a good therapist to talk to about your problems.
β€œOn this fine Sunday morning, I woke up to several snapchat notifications. Must be AVAcado.”
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by MAILABITCH February 20, 2018
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Avacado; meaning cool or awesome.

can be used directly speaking or indirectly about something that is amazing.
omagee; Erin's outfit is so avacado.
by bruntanng November 19, 2005
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An interjection when two people are talking that helps the non-speaker (person B) remember something they want to say while the speaker (person A) is talking. When person A is done speaking they say "avacado", thus reminding person B that they had something to say.
Person A: " the other night we were watching American Idol and Ellen was so..."

Person B: <interjects> "avacado"

Person A: "...good at judging I mean she was like part Simon, part Paula. Avacado."

Person B: The other day I meant to tell you we went to see that movie we were talking about.
by pghjenn February 09, 2010
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Someone or when someone gets immediate twitches and spasms when Asian cuisine is not in that someone's body for a period of 2 hours or more.
"Oh no hes going Avacado on us."

" Im such an Avacado."
by Kiyo March 16, 2005
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Another name for an asshole. Just a nicer version. And you can say it in front of children!
Some of the people at my school are really assholes. I just wanted to come up with another name for it when talking to friends.
God that person is such an avacado.
by Banana_269 February 21, 2017
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