This means that you don't exactly understand what someone is saying, and you'd like them to elaborate
PERSON A: "I have a friend who has a friend who's friend has a friend that has a friend that knows somebody who knows a guy who knows a girl who's girlfriend has a boyfriend who went to a really bad doctor who's doctor's doctor's doctor's doctor ate a BigMac and flatulated on top of his flatulence until he fainted"
PERSON B: "Can I buy a vowel?"
by thebug April 09, 2008
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To purchase illegal substances popular at raves. Two especially are indicated in this phrase:
1) LSD, also known as acid (A)
2) MDMA, also known as ecstasy (E)
As A and E are vowels, to "buy a vowel" is to purchase one of these drugs. The phrase is derived from the popular "Wheel of Fortune" television game show, but its raver connotations were spread by the movie "Groove."
Buyer: "Hi. I want to buy a vowel."
Dealer: "All right. A or E?"
by telemakhos September 23, 2008
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1. A contestant on Wheel of Fortune requesting to buy a vowel

2. Requesting to see a girl's or guy's o-face

3. Getting head
Nick and Alyssa came out of the room and claimed they had only been watching Wheel of Fortune, but everyone thought Nick was buying a vowel from Alyssa.
by Ceejers April 25, 2008
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So drunk that speech is slurred and words are mispronounced, with vowel sounds often being omitted.

First published by sporswriter Rick Reilly.
I went to the Bears game this weekend wearing my cheesehead, and the fans there were buy-a-vowel drunk. I couldn't even comprehend their pathetic excuses for insults.
by Toadaron December 03, 2010
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Phrase borrowed (more or less) from TV's "Wheel of Fortune", indicating disrespect for someone's mental abilities. Since generally the contestants on Wheel aren't exactly Einstein, telling someone to buy a fucking vowel is about equivalent to "Get a clue, moron!"
You think the War on Drugs is working? Buy a fucking vowel!

President Bush wants to help the middle class, eh? Maybe he should buy a fucking vowel with his family fortune.
by Secret Agent Man September 18, 2003
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When you're reading someone's endless ramblings, and it makes no sense whatsoever. It's riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes, and is likely to make your eyes bleed.
You just want to say 'buy a fucking vowel man!!'
A- I wuld lve to mt yu smetime.
Whr do u lve?

Me-Buy a FUCKING vowel man! Shit!!!
by 4 July 14, 2004
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an exclamation often used when confronted with a word or name from the former Yugoslavia or in any Serbo-Croatic tounge
My name is Joe
I'm Grgur.
How do you spell that?
by joe November 05, 2004
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