Being completely naked (formed by the shortening of butt naked)
Be out in a sec, I'm butters.
by Marfar May 1, 2006
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when u sleep at nite u either dream about being butters...or about being with butters
by chuk norris March 4, 2008
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a kid with buck teeth that has crust all around his eyes, that has yellow teeth, and a foot fetish..and a dick as big as his pinky
a kid that is poor that got kicked out of his house and had to go to a shitty rancher
by gene shiegle December 21, 2003
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Someone who can't catch or hold onto anything without dropping it. Short for butter fingers!!
by Itrielega July 22, 2009
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noun: a person who is "on someones dick/tit" meaning, they always follow someone around and it seems like there is a perpetual one inch string attached from the person...

buttery, adjective: having the characteristic of a butters
noun--Heather always follows me around, she is butters.

adjective--Sometimes she is very buttery and it pisses me off
by martha April 17, 2005
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It's the opposite of a roast. While people in a roasting event would gather up to make fun of a single person, a buttering event has people gather up to adore, praise, and talk good about that person. Sometimes, it's extended to include everyone, so that each person has a chance to receive a variety of compliments. You can't talk bad about someone at a buttering event. The worst you can get to talking bad about someone is constructive criticism, guidence, and maybe a compliment sandwhich.
Coworker 1: Hey. Have you heard that the Coolerman and The Boss were feeling sad lately

Coworker 2: Yeah. They were feeling underappreciated, lonely, and unconfident.

Coworker 3: I have an idea! Let's have a buttering.

Coworker 1 and Coworker 2: That's a great idea!

Coworker 1: That way, they would feel more appreciated.

Coworker 2: A buttering event sounds perfect!

* later that day.

All: Surprise!!!

Coolerman and The Boss: This is so unexpected!

Coworker 7: Coolman is so awesome, he helped me with some paperwork

Coworker 5: The Boss is so cool, he gave me a day off when I was feeling sick.

Coworker 8: Coolman is so fantastic, he helped organize my daughter's birthday party.

Coworker 9: The Boss and Coolman are so cool, they're indestructable!
by HawiianPunch1 February 16, 2014
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