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A female who lacks knowledge of common sense. Spontanious outbursts relating to irrelavent topics. A physically, emotionally, or mentally impared woman.
Chicken Head dumbass blonde female Natalie, You're more of a stotch than Taylor is.
by Rez0nate August 23, 2004
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a fictional character from the television series, South Park. He was supposed to be like those 80s sitcom characters.
Butters Stotch's first episode all about him was in season 5.
Butters Stotch is my favorite character in South Park!
by SuburbDictionary June 30, 2017
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A South Park character: Butters' father. He is abusive, and has his wife and kid so brainwashed and manipulated that they accept his behavior as normal. He is known to beat Butters out of anger, and ground him for things Butters has no control over.
Butters: "Hi Dad!"
Stephen Stotch: "Butters! You're grounded!"
Butters: "Why?"
Stephen Stotch: "You put the Hamburger Helper in the wrong place!"
by nikolaitttt December 23, 2011
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He's just a little guy. Little baby man. He is adorable. He must be protected at all costs. He's always grounded for random things.
Friend: Who's your favorite character from South Park?
Me: Butters Stotch
Friend: Why?
Me: He's just a little guy
by SouthParkSlut August 8, 2021
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To stop but in a more intelligent way.

Or to stop penis cocking

Derives from the word "stop". Somehow gained the "ch" sound and is now superior to it's "stop" cousin. Stotch can be used in many useful situations. Any situation where "stop" could be used, "stotch could be used in stead, and will provide more power and force behind your speech.
Person 1: Hey,stotch fricking
Person 2: oh, my bad brodad
Person 1:Stotch being not scared
Person 2: oh my bad I will stotch doing that as well
by JoeFard62 February 25, 2022
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Adj., to be placed and held against your will in a social stereotype or judgement, with no idea of how or why you even apply to said social group in the first place
I'm goth, but I got stotched in with the emo kids. What the...
Just because I wear Polo doesn't make me a prep. Don't stotch me in with those people.
by Steel Angel Opera February 6, 2013
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