"Yo, look at her butters! Where did you get them?"
by J*Hood March 23, 2007
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butters means butt ugly
J - yo blud chek out dat gash's back off
C - yh but bruv look at her face, she butters man bad!!!!
by (*)Pulse(*) November 20, 2006
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In skateboarding if someone lands a hard trick and made it look easy.
That switch three flip down that nine banger was straight butters dawg.
by Juan Valdez January 7, 2004
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A pair of Yellow Timberlands (timbs), a common piece of bootwear from NYC.
1: Yo I just got blood on my butters

2: Deadass?
by Enzosbenzo February 20, 2019
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yo, did you see that kid's kicks? thems are straight butters, yo! where you think he copped those?

after an assist in basketball: yo, nice finish. that reverse layup joint was butters!
by block1of4 December 30, 2005
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As a development on "ugly", butters can be used to describe an unfavourable situation or atmosphere.
"this music is butters"
"oh no its raining, butters"
by Harry Em November 6, 2005
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