inna british black slang someone so bloody ugly, that even white cockneys call him/her a minger:-) a geezer who's not a buff at all.
dat lakisha gaal, she's a flippin' butters, innit tyronne?
by rude_boy December 7, 2003
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A loser and scapegoat who is always the target of being made fun of in large groups.
by Natasha August 12, 2003
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hi guys im butters and id fuck anything just like bell
by mel the bell April 20, 2004
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like being rancid
meanin someone is really ugly in youe opinion
"hav u seen what that girl is wearing shes butters"
by crazy c January 29, 2005
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a name for someone you think is a complete moron and have no liking for at all. These people are often reffered to as jackass, dumbass, asswhole, Queef and many others.
I hate that faggot Matt so much. Lets call him Butters. What a Queef!
by To: "All of Us" May 19, 2006
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