Area in London!
The Siikest Endz Of London!
Better The East,South And North!
West London Is Showah! Sho Sho
Ay B What ENds You Reppin?
West London All Day Every Day!
Sho Sho
by Priincess iice April 21, 2008
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South west London ... ahhh do not be shocked if girls give you dirty looks don’t be shocked to see nittys looking through bins and shouting at each other. Boys in south west London “aye yo you got a fat back uno” happened to me a couple of weeks ago . Groups/gangs of boys will stare at anyone is loud and doesn’t give a fck if someone scary they are fighters. But in south west London there is some nice buildings . If you come to south London try hide your self or fit in by going to jd.
by Isidks September 13, 2020
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the type of girl to be privately educated, live in Kensington, wear linen trousers and north face jackets, say rahh, shop at urban outfitters or brandy melville, vape and get wine drunk on weekdays in her victorian uni flat (payed for by her father).
she's such a west london girly
by bellaisa14 August 19, 2023
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