some extravagant, something that projects upward or outward from its surroundings.
Karen was salient at athletics, I thought she might go to the olympics.
by Morgan tee January 29, 2008
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a very prominenty piece
let me be the one to salient
by dick! December 13, 2004
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Canibais salientes is a group of young brazilian girls that dance Ragatanga (or Boy is a Bottom), love gay couples, crave world domination and like to make satanic rituals to honor Bryan Fuller, Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy.
Q : Do you (wor)ship Hannigram, Johnlock, Cherik, Spirk and other male pairings?
A: Yes!
Q: Do you desire world domination?
A: muffled sobbing yes
Q: Are you omnipresent?
A: Hell yeah
Q: Do you practice yoga and cadeira rodada?
A: Yep. McAvoy and Fassbender too
Canibais Salientes: You're in.
by sherlock holmes May 3, 2014
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The leader of the army of small adorable bunny people (Asura) who sole goal in life is to recruit other bunny people and exterminate the tall population. Humans, Norns, Chars, Pumpkins (plant people) are inferior and must be put to rest not for him, but for their own good. Our lord and savior Bunny Hitler will bring Smalls to the promise lands and will not stop till all Talls are eradicated. Not all Smalls will make it. Even though they are part of the master race some have the putrid ugly and most be put down. The Uglys tarnish the look of the Smalls and make them lower as a race. The Talls & Uglys that except their impurities and devote their life to the cause can live long enough to see the paradise at the end of the War. Spriggets is more than just a bunny person he is the messenger of God ascending pass all other and doing the work bestowed upon him. You should praise him anytime you see him for he is doing what other lack the power to do.
by xFioraMaster19 October 13, 2018
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When something is immaculate, or outstanding. Used as a slang term.
Bro, that move was salient!
by Markkyyboyy July 1, 2023
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Parts that stick out.
I'd like to see Casandra's salient points in a sweater.
by timsworld October 4, 2020
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