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Someone who is quite large in size, but not in an overly grotesque way!
Look at that butterball, he takes up two seats in the cafeteria.
by The Great MC December 14, 2006
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A sex act wherein the man shaves off all of his pubic hair so that his flaccid genitals resemble a dead bird, and coats his crotch in butter. He then drags his testicles across the face of his sleeping significant other, whilst gobbling like a turkey. Especially popular during the holiday season.
Autumn was angry when Patrick woke her on Thanksgiving morning with an especially greasy butterball.
by Uncle Pep-Pep November 25, 2010
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when a hot chick wants to fuck and you or a friend or brother is to dumb or drunk to fuck.....
the hot chick shoves the persons ball sack in to her butt thus giving the nick name the butter ball. yes this actually happened!
my bother carl was too drunk to have sex so she butter balled him.
by awolvince August 06, 2009
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When partner A (male) places his testicles directly onto the eye sockets of partner B (male/female) and then receives butterfly kisses on his balls.
Damn i got a ballhair in my eye from giving butterballs last night.

Dude she has long eyelashes, i bet she gives killer butterballs.
by navyzeus February 03, 2010
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the oposite of a butter face, when a girls face is cute but her body is huge giving you a butter ball
damn that girl is one big butter ball

butter balls at the door
by that man March 05, 2012
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