A woman with a really sexy body, but face that looks like she got e-bola or something.
taken from the phrase everything about her is sexy, but-ter-face.
Damn, check out that butter-face:
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
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Contraction for "but her face." It's a term for a woman who has a great body, but a face that ranges from less-than-pretty to downright fugly.
"Too bad Joan's a butterface, because if she had a face to match that body... oh baby.."
by You Can't Kill the Metal November 13, 2005
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A girl with a nice body but a butt ugly face that needs to be paper bagged if you were going to hit it.
That girl turned me down but she was a butter face anyways.
by viddy well August 29, 2005
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Adj: a way to describe a female who has a nice body, but an very unattractive face.
Yo, did you see that Butterface down the block- everything looked good but-her-face!!!
by Moe Diggs May 21, 2008
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a girl who has a body like a goddess or at least good enough to fuck but with a paper bag over the head. beacause the girl is attractive BUT HER (butter) face!! as in oh dear her face is really very disgusting.
see also bobfoc.
-that girl is damn fine
-butter face
-yeah her face could make a blind child cry.
-could always do her from behind or with a paper bag over her head.
-no cos she stinks too.
-why does she stink.
-so blind people can hate her too!
-ah make sense ugly bitch.
by gallipoli December 12, 2004
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Fat on a man's face that makes the head look like a vertical dumbbell, with puffy jowls.
Until recently, actor John Goodman had a classic butterface, with that quirky dumbbell look to it.
by William Dean A. Garner April 07, 2011
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