to accidentally dial someone's phone number by sitting on your phone, leaving a very confused person talking to your pants.
"hey man, what's up?"
(background noise)
"hello? yo, you there...? aw man. I think i just got buttdialed."

one minute later...

"hey. ... hey wait a sec. Again!?"
by vittorino June 24, 2008
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v., buttdialed, buttdialing, buttdials.

1. To phone a friend accidentally using ones buttocks. Usually this is a result of sitting on the phone.
phone rings
Person 1: hello?
Persons 2, 3, 4, and 86: unintelligible drunken noise
Person 1: Is my reception bad?
Person 86: Shit, it's person 1. You just buttdialed him. Now he knows everything!
Person 1: WHAT?! HELLO?!
dial tone
by Svati July 11, 2008
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Taking your phone from your back pocket and realising you called someone.
- Hi, how’s it going? Not heard from you in ages!
- sorry, buttdial
by Ct001 November 14, 2018
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A buttdial happens you're sitting on your phone and unknowingly call somebody, not to be confused with a 'booty call'.
"Hey Tré, I got a weird call from you earlier, I couldn't understand you."
"Oh my bad, it was prolly just a buttdial."
by hoodcandy May 6, 2020
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When you try to call your buddy in prison and his phone is in temporary storage in his butt.
"Honey, who are you trying to call?" "I just buttdialed Joe in prison, for real."
by Turk 153 February 13, 2016
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To call someone that you don't want to call but accidentally call them anyways being aware of the situation
MM: I kinda don't wanna call him
MM: *hits the dial button
MM: fuck
Me: you did a Reverse Buttdial aye?
by duckduckgoose! June 5, 2020
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