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to accidentally dial someone's phone number by sitting on your phone, leaving a very confused person talking to your pants.
"hey man, what's up?"
(background noise)
"hello? yo, you there...? aw man. I think i just got buttdialed."

one minute later...

"hey. ... hey wait a sec. Again!?"
by vittorino June 24, 2008
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When you sit down and your phone calls or texts a random person from the movement. Usually happens at school or at the office.
George: dude why did you call me during 5th period?
Ricardo: oh sorry it must've been a butt-dial
by MyNameIsGreg March 27, 2009
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When your cell phone accidentally calls someone you did not mean to while on your person.
I called her a fucktard. She heard cause my phone butt dialed her.
by Laurie January 16, 2004
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accidentally dialing a cell phone thats in your pocket and the resulting broadcasting of a conversation to the last person dialed
We heard all the personal details of his blind date after he butt dialed the apartment landline.
by Roger Johansen February 12, 2009
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v., buttdialed, buttdialing, buttdials.

1. To phone a friend accidentally using ones buttocks. Usually this is a result of sitting on the phone.
phone rings
Person 1: hello?
Persons 2, 3, 4, and 86: unintelligible drunken noise
Person 1: Is my reception bad?
Person 86: Shit, it's person 1. You just buttdialed him. Now he knows everything!
Person 1: WHAT?! HELLO?!
dial tone
by Svati July 10, 2008
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When you pull a number completely out of your ass because some idiot just assumes that you have that person's number.
Let me just pull her number outta my ass. It'll be a real butt dial.
by John Sells T-Shirts April 12, 2011
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